The winter career fair was this past week and it got me thinking, I need to figure out what to to with my life. I’ll have my masters degree in June (hopefully, there’s this thing about qualifying exams and I’ve yet to pass one of them, but that’s another story). The obvious choice for me is teaching at the community college level. Yes, I enjoy teaching, but it just feels so limiting to me. I feel like there is more I can do and want to do. I’d like to have a career in math education development, and for that, I would need a PhD in math education. This blurb from the Portland State website sums it up pretty nicely.

I’d like to be “a mathematics educator who can become: (i) A faculty member in a mathematics department or school of education in a university, four year college, or community college; (ii) A curriculum specialist in mathematics, supervisor of mathematics at the middle school level or secondary school level, or a mathematics specialist in state or local departments of education.”

Aside from education, a lot of the “math” related careers I’ve seen are: designing missiles, computer programing, and operations research. I don’t want to design missiles, ever. I have very limited programing skills, but I’m willing to learn. I don’t know to much about operations research, but it seems that mathematicians are the most qualified for this type of work.

I have an on going list of careers that I have seriously been considering, if math doesn’t work out for me.

  • Monk (specifically, a Zen Buddhist monk)
  • Sushi Chef

This list is constantly growing, more will be added later…