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Education: High school physics teacher has perfected the formula for inspiration –

This is a really cool story. Amir Abo-Shaeer’s engineering academy was brand new when I was at Dos Pueblos. It wasn’t so much of an academy then, Mr. Abo-Shaeer was able to teach one robotics class. Now, seven years later, Dos Pueblos’ engineering academy has really taken off. Great work Mr. Abo-Shaeer!


One of my favorite songs by Simon and Garfunkel. It was also featured in one of my favorite movies. Happy April and happy spring everyone.

A couple of notes: Because of copyright stuff (blah blah) you can only watch the video on youtube. Also, did you know that Art Garfunkel has a masters degree in math from Columbia University? That’s pretty cool.

This was something I worked on a while back but never got around to posting. This is my rendition of Ansel Adams’ Rose and Driftwood.

I didn’t have any driftwood, so my desk had to suffice. Also, origami roses are kind of difficult to make. I was quite proud of how mine turned out. Here’s the real thing for comparison.