I’ve been super busy the past few days, but I finally have some time to blog.

Our flight to Rome departed from Paris at 9:40am. It was a rainy morning. We decide to leave the hostel at 6, which would give us plenty of time to take the metro to the airport, go through check in, and so on. We get to the metro only to discover that all the lines are closed due to a workers strike. Now we’re in a bit of a bind. We head back to the hostel and book a taxi. The taxi arrives and we get to the airport just fine.

Rome was warm! To go from rainy weather in London and Paris to 80 degree weather in Rome was a pleasant change. Taking the train into the city from the airport was a bit of a challenge. The first train we boarded wasn’t working so everyone had to exit it and board a different one. We didn’t know which train to take so we just followed the crowd. The train was packed! All the seats filled, and people and luggage crowding the aisle. At one stop a woman boards the train and starts throwing her hands in the air shouting stuff in Italian because she can’t find a seat. Other people start chiming in waving their hands and soon half of the car is caught up in the commotion! We got to the city much later than we planned. Eventually we are able to get in touch with our friend Anna and she meets us at the train station. We check into our hostel, dump our bags, and head out into the city.

Highlights from our first afternoon in Rome include the Scalinata della Trinità dei Monti and the Fontana di Trevi. We all threw a coin into the fountain. On our second day we woke up early and headed over to the Vatican Museum. The museum is amazing! The Sistine Chapel  is breathtaking, but my favorite part was the Raphael Rooms. His painting the School of Athens is incredible! After the museum we walked to Anna’s apartment and had some homemade Italian food for lunch. Delicious! Then back to Saint Peter’s Square and into Saint Peter’s Basilica. For our final day in Rome we, of course, have to see the Colosseum.

From Rome we flew to Venice. Then we had to take the water bus into the city. We check into our hostel late and go to bed. We only had half a day in Venice, our train left the next afternoon at 1pm. We wake up early and explore the city. Just getting lost in the alley ways and exploring the canals was fun.

From Venice we took the train to Munich. The ride was 7 hours but very scenic. We have been in Munich for a couple of days now and staying at our friend Hemond’s house. We’ve been taking it easy in Munich. On our first day had a nice afternoon in Wespark, played some soccer. Then today we took a quick walking tour of downtown Munich.

That’s all for now, more later.