Travel blogging is tough. Traveling alone is exhausting! This trip has been a lot of fun though. Packing so much stuff into just two weeks made for a lot of excitment but was incredibly draining. I’m back in the US, but I’m stuck in Detroit. My flight landed at 12:06pm Detroit time and my connecting flight to LA leaves at 10:04pm Detroit time. Yep, a ten hour layover and of all places, Detroit. I tried switching to an earlier flight. There was a 3 o’clock and an 8 o’clock flight unfortunately, they’re both full. My next option was to try and explore the city. Being a major metropolitan area, I figured there would be a metro or bus line that went to downtown. After a lot of seraching and talking to people, there is no metro system but there is a bus system here called Smart Bus. Both people I talked to directed me to the apparently one “bus stop” at the airport. To my knowledge, bus stops usually have a sign, a schedule, or at least a bench. This one had a little sign under a larger sign that said “employee pick up”. I ask some one who looks like a flight attendant, presumably waiting at the employee pick up spot, and asked her if this is the Smart Bus stop. She thinks it is, but didn’t have any more information than that. I do notice that there is a webstie, Aha, I can look up the schedule and figure out  how to get out of this airport! Fail. There isn’t any free wifi in the airport, so I have to use my phone. Service isn’t great but I am able to connect to the sight. But I’m unable to find a successful route to downtown. I wait around at the bus stop for a while but no busses arrive. Defeat. I have given up on trying to leave the airport. Instead, I have decided to stay, I’ll wade it out in the airport. Thus, I have time to write this blog entry. It’s 3:50 Detroit time.


I wrote this entry in notepad, before I had internet access. I have just now got around to posting it. The time of publication for this post is 8 pm (Detroit). And I’m still at the airport…