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I’ve been back in California for about a week now and I’ve finally gotten around to unpacking and getting settled in. While unpacking I came across some spare change leftover from my trip. I have a little less than 1 euro and about fifty pence, all in coins. At first I was tempted to just throw it away, but then I Googled “what to do with leftover foreign currency”. There were several suggestions, some people did indeed just throw away their leftover money and some people just saved it in a junk drawer. This wasn’t very helpful. Finally, there was the suggestion of donating it! UNICEF has a program called Change for Good which is designed specifically for this situation. You can donate any leftover foreign currency you have accumulated while traveling. I thought this was pretty cool! I’ll be stopping by the post office tomorrow to send my donation.


Today is Bob Dylan’s birthday, he’s 70. Be sure to listen to your favorite Dylan song today! This is one of my favorite videos of him

One of my favorite songs by Simon and Garfunkel. It was also featured in one of my favorite movies. Happy April and happy spring everyone.

A couple of notes: Because of copyright stuff (blah blah) you can only watch the video on youtube. Also, did you know that Art Garfunkel has a masters degree in math from Columbia University? That’s pretty cool.

This was something I worked on a while back but never got around to posting. This is my rendition of Ansel Adams’ Rose and Driftwood.

I didn’t have any driftwood, so my desk had to suffice. Also, origami roses are kind of difficult to make. I was quite proud of how mine turned out. Here’s the real thing for comparison.

I Googled math jokes the other day (because I’m a nerd) and I came across this:

I took this from loveallthis. A few of comments. First, I really love this. Second, I don’t understand tumblr. Third, as much as I love this, the flowchart is incorrect.

The next time you slice a bagel you might want to try this! You can slice a bagel in a single cut so that the result is two equal halves linked together. Don’t believe it? George W. Hart, sculptor and mathematician, has instructions you can follow here.

The two halves turn out to be mobius strips. For a better visual check out the video.

Today is the birthday of my favorite Beatle, George Harrison. He would have been 68. Be sure to listen to your favorite George Harrison song today! This is one of mine

The NBA All-Star Game was this past weekend, which means, slam dunk contest. If you didn’t hear by now, Blake Griffin jumped over a car and won the contest (you can find videos of it all over the internet). But you probably don’t know how the alley-oop was invented. This video should enlighten you.

This is a broadcast from last year that NPR ran for Valentine’s Day. It’s too good to pass up. Be sure to listen to the story, don’t just read the article.

Radiolab: Carl Sagan And Ann Druyan’s Ultimate Mix Tape Of The Human Experience : NPR.

I’ve recently been on an origami craze. Even though origami is an ancient Japanese art, a lot has been written about the mathematics of origami and paper folding (as a simple Google search will show). Origami, and paper folding in general, has many interesting algebraic, and of course, geometric properties. The mathematics in many of the articles I’ve seen is pretty complicated and I won’t even try to pretend that I fully understand it. One of the AMS Notices from last year had an article that “use[d] origami as a tool to exhibit explicit solutions to some systems of partial differential equations”. If you are at all interested, you can find the article here.

As far as my interests in origami go, yeah there’s some pretty deep mathematics, but I think it’s a cool hobby to have and I can make some cool decorations for my desk.