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I’ve been in London the past two days and I finally have time to write my first post. Our first task was figuring out public transportation. Since we weren’t able to check into Simon’s’ house until later in the evening, we didn’t have a set destination. Also, we still had our luggage. We asked someone at the airport information desk if there was a place in central London where we could store our luggage for the afternoon. He told us that Charning Cross Station was pretty central to a lot of sights and that they have a luggage check in service. Now to actually get there. We bought an underground ticket from the airport to Charning Cross and luckily the guy at the info booth told us what stops we would needed to transfer at and circled them on a map for us. We were able to navigate the underground just fine, but it is super busy! Everyone rides the underground! I’ve actually become quite accustomed to it and it’s one of my favorite things to do here.

We get to Charning Cross and check our bags for the afternoon. First thing we do is walk across the Thames to the London Eye. The line for the Eye was pretty long but moved really fast. Riding the Eye was quite an experience. You can see all of London from the top and we took some pretty good “snaps”. After the eye, back across the Thames to The House of Parliament, Big Ben, and Westminster Abbey. Took some good snaps of those, typical touristy ones. From there a walk through St. James Park to Buckingham Palace. Unfortunately, the Queen didn’t get the letter I sent her telling her that I was coming so I didn’t have tea with the Queen as originally planed 😦 next time. By now we were getting hungry so we had food at an Indian restaurant. And this was very unlikely, at the Indian restaurant we meet a guy who went to UC Irvine; small world! On our way back to Charning Cross we stopped by Trafalgar Square and climbed on a statue of a lion. Finally after a bit a wondering we arrived at Simon’s.

Today we first headed to Tower Bridge and took a quick snap in front of it. Then we headed to the Borough for some food. Walked along the Thames to Shakespear’s Globe Theatre then to The Tate Modern Museum. The Tate Modern has a nice collection of, well, modern art; works by Henri Matisse, Any Warhol, and Jackson Pollack. I liked it. Next, across the Thames on the Millennium Bridge to St. Paul’s Cathedral. We rest hear for a bit and meet up with a local contact we had, Danny. Danny is an awesome person! After chatting with Danny we take the Underground to Abbey Road Studios! This has been (and probably will be) the highlight of the trip! (Is that sad?) Of course, take the iconic photo walking across and a few of the studio. I’m sure the locals hate this. It’s a regular busy intersection like any other street, but there are a bunch of tourists holding up traffic taking pictures. After Abbey Road, meet up with Danny at Oxford Circus for dinner. Now, back at Simon’s and it’s getting late so I’m going to bed.