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The opening and closing scenes to Annie Hall, good movie. Anyone who has been in a relationship I think can relate.


…Conan returns to tv tonight. He got screwed at NBC. I’m curious how he will do on TBS. I hope they put the episodes online, I don’t stay up late enough.

Bob, Joe and Sally have been traveling in a hot air balloon when it dawns upon them that they are lost. Joe looks down to the ground below for any indications of their whereabouts. Joe spots a man and yells down, “Excuse me sir, where are we?” The man ponders the question in silence. After a few minutes, the man looks up toward the balloon and shouts back, “You’re in a hot air balloon!” Bob turns to Joe and Sally, “Damn, that man was a mathematician.” “How do you know?” asks Sally. “Well” replies Bob, “He took a long time to answer our question, what he told us is absolutely correct and what he told us is absolutely useless.”

He spoke last night at the the Cohen Center. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend (math has been eating up my life recently).