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Literally. A Cal State Northridge math professor has been charged with urinating on a colleague’s office door during a dispute between the two men.

Cal State Northridge professor charged with allegedly urinating on colleague’s office door | L.A. NOW | Los Angeles Times.

After looking the guy up, apparently he taught at UC Irvine when I was there. I never took any of his classes. I suppose this is a good thing, although I don’t think I’ve ever pissed off any of my professors (not enough to cause him to pee on my door).


I don’t watch much tv but I really like MythBusters. Science is about asking questions and making hypotheses and then testing them. And the MythBusters have so much fun doing that. For this week’s episode the MythBusters got an invitation to the White House and a personal request from President Obama himself. You can listen to a really cool interview from NPR’s Talk of the Nation here.

Richard Feynman on the rationale for scientific investigation.

This post is well overdue. Last month Benoit Mandelbrot died. He is best known as the father of fractal geometry and the creator of the Mandelbrot set. In honor of Mandelbrot, enjoy the music video below. The video was made by some Cornell students. The music is by Jonathan Coulton.

The opening and closing scenes to Annie Hall, good movie. Anyone who has been in a relationship I think can relate.

…Conan returns to tv tonight. He got screwed at NBC. I’m curious how he will do on TBS. I hope they put the episodes online, I don’t stay up late enough.

I really like this music video. Paul McCartney, Natalie Portman, Michel Gondry, and a mandolin. What’s not to like?

True Love: A Practice for Awakening the Heart, another great little book by Tich Nhat Hanh. Highly recommended.

He spoke last night at the the Cohen Center. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend (math has been eating up my life recently).